[Mod] Soulvizier (WIP/Beta v0.98i)

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[Mod] Soulvizier (WIP/Beta v0.98i)

Beitrag von FOE » 02.09.2011, 08:36


Es gibt mal wieder eine neue Mod ...
  • Soulvizier
» Homepage @ Moddb.com
  • Version 0.96 (353,31MB (370.477.083 bytes))
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Seit Kurzem gibt es eine neue Version der Mod: Soulvizier 0.98(x) - Aktuelle Version: 0.98i - 24/06/2015!
  • Notes:
  • All of the skill changes are functional, but for some the UI, visuals and the skills themselves are still very much WIP.
  • Be aware that some of the skill changes may cause issues with the skill trees on characters from previous versions.
  • New heroes do not have souls yet.
  • Requires v0.96
Eine vollständige Auslistung der Änderungen (auf Englisch) gibt es im verlinkten Thema (Unter "Spoiler").

Achtung: Die v0.98? und auch die v0.96 sind Updates und benötigen als Grundlage die v0.90 zum Laufen :!:

Hier ein direkter Download (~ 90MB) für das Update 0.98i.

Mittlerweile gibt es auch eine Version für die TQAE, die aber auch die 2 DLC's Ragnarök und Atlantis benötigt!

Hier der Link zur Steam-Workshop-Seite:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 2076433374

Hier die Features:
  • 170+ New hero monsters.
  • 180+ Items.
  • New item types (Souls, Mercenary Scrolls, Orbs etc.)
  • 470+ Souls.
  • Elite monsters.
  • All bosses rebalanced.
  • Greatly increased difficulty.
  • New Merchant class "Alchemist".
  • 140+ Item skills.
  • Map and AI enhancements.
  • Build upon Munderbunny's Underlord mod.
  • Includes Kirii's DiabloUI.
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Base move/attack/cast speed increased.
    • Max level raised to 1000.
    • Epic and Legendary items are enchantable.
    • Changed XP formula to make late game leveling faster.
  • Souls
    Souls are ring-slot items which inherit attributes and even sometimes abilites from their former owners. Each monsters has its own soul which only it can drop. (Bild)

    Souls from bosses and hero monsters are especially powerful and their potential should not be overlooked.
    Souls are quite rare and are used in various useful and powerful recipes and should therefore always be picked up, even if their bonus stats seem weak.
  • Mercenary Contracts
    Mercenary Contracts are rare artifact-slot items which offer powerful summonable pets.
    Each mercenary is specialized at a certain role and their power easily rivals that of other artifacts.
  • Hero Monsters
    There's over a hundred new hero monsters and existing heroes have all been buffed both in terms of power and loot drops.
    All heroes have their own visuals and combinations of abilities, some of which can be obtained from their souls.
    A few very powerful uber heroes can also rarely be encountered.
  • Installation
Dies ist eine Hard-Mod (siehe hier), wie Underlord, d.h. sie wird nicht über "custommaps" gespielt, sondern es werden die Dateien im Installationsordner von IT ersetzt!!!

Man muss sich einmal die v0.90 holen und installieren, dann die v0.96 holen und über die v0.90 spielen, zum Schluss noch die aktuelle v0.98? ebenso und ggf. noch die deutsche Übersetzung.
  • Übersetzung
Es gibt keine vollständige Übersetzung von/für die Mod, nur eine Teilübersetzung, siehe hier (inkl. Download-Link).
  • Changelogs
  • Changelog 0.96

    - Global -
    Multiplayer monster count adjusted:
    -Less overall enemies added per player
    -Higher champion ratio per player
    -Enemies slightly stronger

    - Items -
    Soul gold cost/requirement overhaul:
    -Level requirement now based on parent monster level
    -Gold value:
    *Overall gold value greatly reduced.
    *Now takes into account parent monster level.
    *Greatly reduced additional gold value per attribute type.

    Hero soul drop rate increased by 33%.
    New rare affix added.
    Several rare affixes have been rebalanced.
    Freezing Touch is now a rare affix.
    Mercenaries now scale much better on Epic/Legendary.
    Fixed Aithiopikos mercenary not using his skills correctly.

    Adjusted required reagents for various Forge formulas.
    Frozen Heart droprate increased.
    Fixed Nicothe soul missing Epic/Legendary pet bonuses.
    Fixed incorrect naming on a couple of souls.
    Fixed summoned Moss Elementals dropping Glowing Moss.
    Dimanae soul skill now works with all melee weapons.
    Fixed Metamorphic Slab bonuses not scaling with shard count.
    Frozen Heart &#xre;duced damage from Undead bonus lowered.
    Fixed Calybe pet summoning enemy monsters.
    Fixed Kanatos soul invalid skill bonus.
    Fixed Aquardia soul skill icon.
    Fixed Annorek soul skill.
    Fixed Tombspawn Foulbeast soul skill.
    Fixed a Glowing Moss completion bonus being % regeneration instead of flat regeneration.
    Skeleton summmon from Khafra's Ward no longer shows up in the pet icon bar.

    - Monsters -
    Vulture hero added.
    Junglecreep hero added.
    Ghost hero added to Orient.
    Neanderthal hero added.
    Icthian hero added to Orient.
    Yama elite hero added.
    Tropical Arachnos hero added.
    Quillvine hero added.
    Moss Elemental elite hero added.
    Antlion hero added.
    Minotaur hero added to Olympus.
    Limos hero added to Olympus.
    Cyclops hero added to Olympus.
    Reptilian hero added.
    Skeleton hero added to Egypt.
    Carrion Crow hero added.
    Ratman hero added to Greece.
    Scorpion hero added.

    Hero spawn rates for various monster types have been increased.
    Various new skills added to monsters, heroes and bosses.
    Only final form of Legion drops gold.
    Brass Boars are now classed as Constructs instead of Beasts.
    Fixed Feiratexia impact effect looping.
    Fixed Thyia of the Stygian Frosts not dropping soul.
    Fixed Metriche not dropping soul.
    Fixed Frostbite not dropping soul.
    Alos Stonefist no longer spawns in Helos Satyr camps.
    Reduced duration of Greece Telkine mind control.
    Various skill effects have been updated.

    - Skills -
    Autocast item auras can no longer be dispelled.
    Fixed weapon masteries.

    Changes to soul and item summons:
    -Higher difficulty versions of items now provide stronger summons(For example: Epic Glowing Moss summon is stronger than its normal difficulty counterpart)
    -Greatly reduced soul summon cooldowns.
    -Level of summoned monster now matches the summon skill level.
    -Added new effects.

    Increased mastery health bonus.
    Increased mastery energy bonus.

    -Flame Ring
    Rescaled radius.
    Rescaled energy cost.
    Fire damage slightly increased.

    -Soften Metal
    Physical damage slightly increased.

    -Heat Accretion
    +%Health regeneration increased.

    -Brim Stone
    +%Physical damage increased.

    -Stone Skin
    +%Armor protection removed.
    Now adds flat armor.

    -Stone Form
    Can no longer be dispelled.

    -Call of the Wild
    Wolfs now change visuals along with levels.

    -Survival Instinct
    Now heals on activation.
    Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 18 seconds.

    Reduced visual intensity of aura buff.

    -Colossus Form
    Run speed reduction increased.

    -Flash Freeze
    Can no longer be dispelled.
  • Changelog 0.93b

    - General -
    Characters above level 75 are now able to join multiplayer games.
    Fixed incorrect global resist penalty.
    Fixed some quest rewards being awarded twice.

    - UI -
    Added bars to XP display.

    - Items -
    Soul changes:
    -All negative attributes now properly scale on Epic and Legendary.
    -Resistance reduction bonuses are now increased on Epic and Legendary.
    -Epic and Legendary soul scaling adjusted.

    The following relics and charms have all been either reworked, removed or replaced:
    -Yotian Shard
    -Rainbow Jewel
    -Dimensional Fragment
    -Poison Orb-Bloodstone
    -Magneta Shell
    -Brass Hide
    -Razor Plumage
    -Glowing Moss
    -Lightning Dust
    -Essence of the Monolith

    Added new pet relics.
    Added new rare pet affixes.
    Added several new rare affixes.
    New Forge formula added.
    Forge pet relics attributes changed to be more specialized.
    Several SV affix stats and droprates reworked.
    Telkine relics no longer drop.
    Lesser Potion of Fortitude formulas are no longer dropped or sold.
    Fixed Magneta Shell not having Epic and Legendary completion bonuses.
    Fixed Pretender's/Imitator's/Mimic's level requirement reduction bonus.
    Fixed Neptis soul ability not being cast.
    Fixed Gargantuan Yeti soul ability not being cast.
    Fixed Shadebane formula requiring wrong suffixes.
    Fixed Overlord missing inventory texture.

    - Monsters -
    Tombguardian hero added.
    Spider hero added to Greece.
    Removed outdated Greece elite monsters.
    Added new skill to Brass Boars.
    Egypt and Greece Telkine skill damage and health regeneration reduced.
    Adjusted damage of various monsters.
    Reduced damage and health of Helos enemies in Normal.
    Tundra Boars now drop Boar Hide.
    Fixed Jackalman shaman quest boss skills.
    Fixed Phasyleia soul not dropping.
    Fixed multiple Fissure Slugs spawning at a time.
    Fixed Coldshoulder freeze having infinite duration.
    Fixed Voidsting stunning on all attacks.
    Fixed Kaublasia attacks applying Eruption burn DoT.

    - Skills -
    Further SV effects updated.
    Fixed Kazept's flare effect looping.

    Mastery health bonus increased from 1000 to 1200.

    -Blade Mastery
    Now affects axes.

    -Blade Fury
    New sounds added and new impact effect added.

    -Smoke Screen
    New sound and effect added.
    Increased health and lowered aggro rate of smoke device.

    -Spear Tempest
    Target arc increased from 140 to 200 degrees.

    -Bolt Trap
    Mana cost now increases with summon count.

    -Scatter Shot
    Reduced fragment count.

    -Fire Enchantment
    Increased radius scaling per level.

    Increased burn damage.

    -Doom Horn
    Armor reduction increased.
  • Changelog 0.9

    - General -
    Added newest Fanpatch patchfix changes.
    Rescaled all Egypt and Greece quest XP rewards.
    Added new attack damage FX for all weapons.
    Difficulty resistance penalty reduced from -10/-100/-200 to -10/-80/-160.

    - Monsters -
    Nymph hero added to Hades.
    Arachnos hero added.
    Maenad elite hero added.
    Zombie hero added to Egypt.
    Ghost hero added to Egypt.
    Tombrot hero added to Egypt.
    Sandwraith hero added.
    Abyssal Liche hero added to Hades.
    Wraith hero added to Orient.
    Junglecreep hero added.
    Mummy elite hero added.
    Desert Hag hero added.
    Arachnos hero added to Orient.
    Spider hero added to Orient.
    Reptillian hero added.
    Automatoi hero added to Olympos.
    Cryptworm hero added.
    Reduced damage of archer monsters in Normal Greece.
    Fixed various missing textures.
    Fixed invisible Molten Giants.
    Toxeus is now classified as an uber hero.

    - Items -
    All souls rebalanced.
    -Overall soul power level reduced.
    -Many souls now have drawbacks.
    -Souls have more varied attributes.
    -More souls add new skills.
    Rebalanced various uniques.
    Rebalanced some set bonuses.
    New soul inventory graphic.
    New forge formula added.
    Some higher level versions of new affixes added.
    Updated some affix names.
    Added rare drop for Ashen elites.
    Added rare drop for Vilefire elites.
    Fixed Revenant greaves drops.
    Fixed Undead Vitality staff drops.
    Forge Formulae now display their item type in the description.
    Fixed Kinslayer dropping without affixes.
    Fixed Morbius, the Ramrod autocast skill.
    Souls now have their own drop sound.
    Fixed Plaguestone level requirement.
    Cleaned up some inconsistent naming schemes.

    - Skills -
    Reworked weapon mastery bonuses(see forum for details).
    Fixed some skills increasing -recharge bonuses.
    Fixed Barroc pet Frenzy aura description and attack speed bonus.
    Smoke Screen effect is now less dense(better performance and visibility).
    Old SV skill effects improved.

    -Envenom Weapon
    Now affects one handed ranged weapons.

    -Maculate Wound reworked
    Now called Dark Invigoration
    Adds flat vitality and bleed damage to weapon attacks.

    -Earth Enchantment
    Radius now increases with levels.

    No longer increases energy cost.

    -Force of Nature
    Reduced radius of root aura and slightly increased energy cost.

    -Fabrical Tear
    Fixed elemental damage being 3x the intended values.

    -Briar Ward reworked
    Now called Quill Ward.
    Summons a ring of quillvines that will attack nearby enemies with melee attacks.

    -Stinging Nettle synergy reworked
    Now called Poisonous Quills.
    Allows the quillvines to fire poisonous quills at distant enemies that damages them and slows their attacks.

    -Energy Shield
    Now has slowed attack speed retaliation.

    Damage reflection chance rescaled.

    Duration rescaled.

    Energy cost increased.

    -Obscured Visibility
    Energy cost increased.
    Resistance reduction decreased.

    -Spear Tempest reworked
    Target arc reduced from 360 to 140 degrees.
    Cooldown reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.
    Max targets reduced from 12 to 6.
    +Physical damage increased.
  • Changelog 0.8

    - General -
    Added fanpatch 1.18 fixes.
    Added duration effect for armor reduction.

    - Monsters -
    New uber hero added to Egypt.
    New Siren hero added.
    New Satyr hero added.
    New Boarman hero added.
    New Maenad heroes added.
    New Duneraider hero added.
    New Skeleton heroes added to Orient.
    New Eurynomus hero added to Egypt.
    'New Furies hero added.
    New Neanderthal hero added.
    New Terracotta hero added.
    New Flamewing hero added.
    New Sandwraith elite group added to Epic/Legendary.
    New Zombie elite group added to Epic/Legendary Hades.
    New Sprite elite group added to Epic/Legendary.
    New Wraith elite group added to Epic/Legendary Greece.

    - Items -
    Increased hero monster gold drop amount.
    3 New forge formulae added.
    New common affix(of Resting) added.
    Added 2 new Merc scrolls.
    Added some missing hero souls.
    Remade Shadowblade MI.
    Remade Myrmidon's Bonesmasher MI.
    A lot of small fixes and adjustments.

    - Skills -
    Shadow Link vitality decay damage increased by 10%.

    Rescaled Heat Shield absorb and resist.

    Rescaled Energy Shield absorb amount.

    Wolf attack damage increased slightly.

    Changelog 0.7

    - Misc -
    Fixed UI low health texture.

    - Monsters -
    Added 5 new heroes to early Greece.
    New Formicid hero added.
    New Sprite hero added.
    New uber hero added to Hades.
    New uber hero added to Orient.
    New uber hero added to Greece.
    New Cyclops hero added to Olympos.
    New Ichthian hero added to Orient.
    New Zombie hero added to Orient.
    Adjusted Machae hero spawns to be more frequent and varied.
    Increased cold retaliation damage of Borealic Warriors

    - Items -
    Greatly improved loot drops for uber hero orbs.
    Improved overall boss loot drops.
    Hero soul droprate globally increased by 12%.
    Rebalanced some boss soul droprates.
    All hero monsters now have a small chance to drop an unique item irregardless of what they have equipped.
    - For example, a hero bat can now drop a unique weapon or armor, where as before they couldn't drop equipment all.
    Forge items added for Epic and Legendary.
    Doll items removed.
    Fixed Ino dropping Ino's Claw from the wrong difficulties.
    Orb can now use ranged weapon spells(Ternion, Psionic Touch etc.)
    Increased droprate of Mercenary scrolls.
    Reduced material droprate slightly.
    Rebalanced and added Epic/Legendary version of all new affixes.
    Certain monster types now have increased chance of dropping a specific material.
    Alchemists now sell Arcane and Forge formulae.
    Lowered equipment merchant prices by 35%.
    Forge Formulae now accept Epic/Legendary MIs.
    New Mercenary Scroll added.
    Alchemists no longer sell fortitude potions or formulae.
    Epic/Legendary versions of all Forge relics added.
    Added some missing hero souls.
    Fixed XP potion drops for Epic/Legendary.
    Rebalanced some souls.
    Scrolls can now drop from monsters.
    New rare affix added.

    - Skills -
    Increased freeze radius and retaliation damage of Flash Freeze.
    Improved Smoke Screen effect.
    Barbed netting now reduces bleed resistance.
    Spawn limit and spawn count of traps rescaled.
    Traps now deal addtional bleeding damage.
    Lucid Dream electrical burn damage bonus increased from 60% to 90%.

    - Map -
    Added Mystic to Sparta.
    Moved Athen Alchemist to more a convenient location.
    Barriers in Knossos Labyrinth no longer show their name tag along with items.
  • Changelog 0.40

    - General-
    Adjusted XP formula to increase reduction of XP gain from monsters below the player's level.

    - Monsters-
    Added new Tigerman Elite variant.
    Added new Elemental Elite variant.
    Added new Lamia Elite variant.
    Added new Medusa Elite variant.
    Added new Troglodyte Elite variant.
    Added new Neanderthal variant.
    Added new Tigerman hero.
    Added new Arachnos hero.
    Added new Gorgon hero.
    Added new Saberlion hero.
    Increased spawnrate of all elite groups by 40%.
    Adjusted elite group spawn counts.
    Mutated Crows no longer spawn in the area between Helos and Sparta.
    Reduced Aktaios eruption slow duration from 6 to 4 seconds.
    Reduced damage of Aktaios' nova and fireball by 30%.
    Reduced Mutated Scorpion life regeneration on Normal.
    Reduced Sstheno attack damage.
    Reduced Yaoguai bleeding damage.
    Reduced Ormenos bolt burst damage by 25%.
    Reduced damage of Icthian Harpooners in Greece.
    Reduced Nessus damage and health on Normal.
    Increased Skeletal Typhon health by 5%.
    Increased Chimaera spell damage slightly.
    Feiratixia casts summon spell more consistenly.
    Fixed Zheng Stormstaff texture.
    Fixed Morloc dealing insane damage when on low health.
    Fixed Bloodwing soul drop in Epic and Legendary.
    Increased Plaguebringer spell damage slightly.
    Neanderthal Shamans now cast Snowstorm.
    Removed Mutated Timberhulks.
    Fixed various skill issues on hero monsters.
    Ino redesigned.
    Fixed Steropes/Brontes soul drop for Epic and Legendary.

    - Items-
    Redesigned material icons and Added Epic and Legendary variants.
    Rescaled XP potion values and costs and added Epic and Legendary variants.
    Updated Alchemist item tables and sell values for Epic and Legendary.
    Increased droprate of rare materials by 30%.
    Increased droprate of XP potions.
    All new relics rebalanced and have Epic and Legendary versions added.
    Removed all non-hero and non-boss souls.
    Removed Heart and Eye relics.
    Added Ormenos essence.
    Added new mercenary scroll.
    Added Arachne's Shame soul.
    Drastically increased cost of skill and attribute potions.
    Forge Formulas using materials or souls now accept their Epic and Legendary counterparts.
    Updated all chest droptables to drop new items in Epic and Legendary.
    Fixed Act 4 uber heroes dropping Legendary items on Normal.
    Fixed autocast ability on Epic and Legendary Nehebkau souls costing mana and doing less damage than their Normal counterpart.
    Greatly reduced recharge boni on Ormenos and Lycantes soul.
    Fixed Helm of Overgrowth formula.
    Fixed Trickster's Bow icon.
    Fixed Theophrastos soul string.
    Removed alchemy formulas.
    Added use effect to health/mana/rejuvenation potions.
    Fixed Essence of the Monolith description.
    Adjusted Kaskeron stats and sounds.
    Adjusted and fixed various boss and hero souls.
    Fixed Scorcher skill bonus.
    Remade Ino's Claw.
    Added some missing hero souls.

    - Skills-
    Ground Smash damage and manacost lowered.
    Sonic Roar manacost removed and 5 second cooldown added.
    Gasball cooldown raised to 5 seconds and damage slightly increased.
    Skeletal Warriors now have life regeneration.
    Reduced cooldown of all mercenary summons to 180 seconds.
    Fixed Leucothea pet animations.
    Fixed Chimaera and Hydra playing music when summoned.
    Reduced Meteor Shower damage by 30%.

    Update 0.35
  • Adds new elite monsters, uber heroes and adds souls to epic/legendary bosses plus a ton of other changes and fixes

    Changelog 0.3
  • Misc
    Adjusted XP formula to make late game leveling easier.
  • Monsters
    New Eurynomus hero added to Greece(Made by Bumbleguppy).
    New Dragonian hero added.
    New Spider hero added to Orient.
    New Machae hero added.
    New Djinn hero added.
    New Lamia hero added.
    Adjusted Boss AI to make them more reactive to damage.
    Fixed invisible Magebane Raptors.
    Buffed cave quest Anteok.
    Adjusted Greece cave hero spawns to be more varied.
    Lowered Nightstalker physical damage by 20% and buffed spell damage slightly.
    Reduced attack damage of Mummy Fireheart Guardians.
    Reduced Aiktaios nova projectile count 12 -> 9.
    Greatly increased Beetle hero spawnrate and spawn locations.
    Remade Emberoak stone form spell, now uses it to heal instead of disabling enemies.
    Updated Deadtrunk effects and sounds.
    Fixed Eater of Days death effect colour.
    Fixed Snowhoof buff animation.
    Added new sound to Damperos' bite.
    Reduced Tempia freeze duration.
    Polywok trap count 3 -> 6.
  • Items
    Epic and Legendary versions for all souls added.
    Completely remade materials, there's now 4 unique materials per act, plus 3 global rare materials.
    Old forge recipes removed, 23 new recipes added.
    New item class added: Orbs. Shield slot items which provide powerful caster-oriented bonuses at the cost of reduced protectiveness.
    All mythic items level requirement raised from 60 to 65.
    Updated legendary soul bitmap.
    New unique necklace added to Hades.
    Added missing fire effect to Yaoguai soul ability.
    Lowered XP Pot droprate.
    Fixed Ino soul skill bonus.
    Fixed some merchants sell values.
    Fixed Mivania summon icon.
    Fixed Aletha summon icon.
    Mivania now fires frost arrows and has increased attack damage.
    Fixed Yazid soul summon spell.
    Fixed Bloodwing soul name.
    Fixed Kyra soul name.
    Fixed Aphiastas soul level requirement.
  • Skills
    All masteries can now be leveled from 40 -> 72 granting minor bonusses.
    All soul and scroll summons are now classified as pets, all pet bonuses now apply to them.
    Increased Maul pierce damage by 10 and bleeding damage by 20%.
    Fixed Study Prey increasing pierce resist instead of reducing it.
    Willowmaker now scales with weapon damage.
    Updated Vampiric Aura effect.
    Updated Poison Aura effect.
    Updated Frost Aura effect.
    Soul pet summon health scaling reduced for Epic and Legendary.
    Added cast sounds to scroll summon spells.
  • Map
    Closed off unused area near Sparta.
    Added an additional respawn shrine in the Knossos Labyrinth.
    Improved lighting in Knossos Labyrinth to make navigation easier.
  • Beta 0.151 (Includes all updates from 15 and below)
    Extract all the files to your Titan Quest Immortal Throne install folder.
    The mod replaces the original game, so remember to take a backup of your folder if you want to remove the mod later.

    Things you should be aware off:
  • This release only includes content for Normal difficulty. Epic and Legendary are fully playable, but you won't find new items created for those difficulties.
  • Forge Formulas are largely incomplete.
  • This is a very early release, expect imbalances and unfinished content.

    As with all other mods, create a new character when playing, using old characters will screw up their skill trees.
    You can use your Underlord characters for this, but be aware you won't be able to use certain skill bonuses.
  • Changelog 0.15
  • - Monsters -
    3 new Guardian Statue heroes added(Made by Bumbleguppy)
    Added Ichthian Harpooners to Greece and Orient(Made by Bumbleguppy)
    New Tigerman hero added.
    Remade Rockhorn.
    Fixed Tigerman XP potion droprate.
    Reduced Impulsos' distort effect.
    Frozen Horror now casts his spells properly.
    Stygian Reaver projectile spell fixed.
    Overlord Epiales summon frequency greatly increased.
    Fixed Mordanokath string.
  • - Items -
    Fixed Endeis soul bleed damage bonus.
  • - Map -
    Thebes Imhotep fixed.
    Fixed Sparta crypt(I mean it this time omg).
  • Changelog 0.14
  • - Items -
    114 hero souls added.
    Increased cost of skill potions by 300%.
    Increased cost of attribute potions by 100%.
    Fixed Maenad Vanguard Soul name.
    Removed some old items.
    Fixed Snowhoof soul.
  • - Monsters -
    New Zombie hero added to Greece.
    New Formicid hero added.
    New Epiales hero added.
    New Epiales variant added.
    New Eurynomus hero added to Orient.
    New Peng hero added.
    New Antlion variant added.
    New Antlion hero added.
    New Ichthian hero added.
    New Limos variant added to Olympus.
    New Dragonian hero added.
    New Melinoe hero added.
    New Maenad hero added.
    New Reptillian hero added.
    New Odontotyrannus hero added.
    New Duneraider hero added.
    New Tigerman hero added.
    New Machae hero added.
    New Ghost hero added to Orient.
    Increased Hekos attack damage.
    Fixed Antlions dealing too little damage in Legendary.
    Fixed Hekos sometimes spawning in pairs.
    Increased Hades cast speed by 20%.
    Fixed Vuji mesh.
    Fixed Phyraxus mesh.
    Fixed Venophobia texture.
    Fixed Rassus texture.
    Aktaios illusions no longer give XP when killed.
  • - Map -
    Removed Ichthians from the Knossos Maze.
    Removed Celtheano from Knossos.
    Fixed some visual bugs in the Sparta area.
  • - Skills -
    Fixed Endurance Aura giving max movespeed.
  • Changelog 0.12
  • - Monsters -
    New Keres variant added.
    New Albino Spider variant added.
    New Timberhulk variant added.
    New Epiales variant added.
    New Empusa hero added.
    New Scorpion variant added.
    New Skeleton hero added to Egypt.
    New Vulture variant added.
    New Ratman hero added to Greece.
    Lowered Amynta ensnare duration.
    Siege Striders can now spawn in some Machae and Melinoe camps
    Updated Iaera normal map.
    Increased Empusa spell damage slighty.
    Reduced Epiales hero spawn rate.
    Reduced Vakiya freeze duration.
    Fixed Rusted Relic texture.
    Vampiric Raptors now spawn properly.
    Spellremnant now casts nova on death.
    Tombkeeper scales better into Epic and Legendary.
    Rebalanced Jing Arcfang.
    Reduced size of Jackalman Poison projectiles.
    Buffed Lenyxia aura and bolt fan power.
    Increased Molten Giant lightning resistance 0% -> 30%.
    Increased Molten Giant health by 15%.
    Reduced spawnrate of Yeti heroes.
    Fixed Tempia name and Rain spell effect.
    Increased spawnrate of Orient Skeleton heroes.
    Rebalanced Mutated Scorpions.
    Increased Beetle Firespit damage.
    Lowered spawnrate of Savage Tigermen.
    Fixed Hekos XP bonus.
    Ratman heroes can now spawn in more locations.
  • - Items -
    35 hero souls added.
    Remade Flamestone and Froststone completion bonuses.
    Added new resistance types which provide +% resistance increase based on your current resistances.
    Fixed Storm Strike.
    Fixed Boar souls resistances.
    Fixed Childsnatcher Soul string.
    Added missing skill bonus to Sadiki Soul.
    Fixed Lycantes Soul secondary skill bonus.
    Fixed multiplayer animations for some summons.
    Reduced summon rate of Skeletons from Skeleton Souls.
  • - Skills -
    Updated Endurance Aura icon.
    Call of Anubis cooldown from 0 to 300.
    Increased health of Wolf Summons by 5%.
    Updated Poison Aura effect.

(Ausprobiert habe ich sie aber noch nicht ...)
Zuletzt geändert von FOE am 15.12.2016, 12:47, insgesamt 35-mal geändert.
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[Frischfutter ...]

Beitrag von Boergie » 02.09.2011, 12:28


Gucke ich mir - NATÜRLICH - gleich mal an ... :)

Mit ein bischem Glück gibt es (dann) auch einen Erfahrungsbericht :roll:

Schau mer' 'mal / LG Wolfgang

[EDIT... "ZURÜCK RUDERN" ...] - 14 Uhr 20 -

Habe mir die Datei "gezogen" ... LEIDER ( :!: ) ersetzt diese MOD (genauso wie UL) AUCH TQ IT ("...THE MOD WILL REPLACE THE ORIGINAL TQ:IT FILES, SO REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACKUP..."). Ob man hier - ebenfalls - eine "Umschalt-Batch-Datei" verwenden kann ... ?!

Spielt für mich ABER / eigentlich z.Zt. KEIN "Rollo", da ich noch "voll und ganz" (GUT) mit meinem Beschwörer (Erde+Traum) bei UL zu tun habe; mich "Original-TQ IT" mit den allseits bekannten Meisterschaften ohnehin nicht mehr "soooo" sehr reizt und mir JETZT die Motivation fehlt, dann wieder etwas "ganz anderes" anzufangen / auszuprobieren :(

Bis ICH also bei UL (dann) "durch" bin, wird wahrscheinlich sowieso "schon" die Alpha-Version "auf dem Markt" sein :roll:

Falls ich mich allerdings irren sollte und diese MOD INNERHALB von UL "funktioniert", "steht" mein Angebot - selbstverständlich - auch weiterhin. :P

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Beitrag von Shadowflare85 » 05.09.2011, 12:35

Also ich kann sagen das diese MOD problemlos mit Underlord spielbar ist.
Habe meinen Lv. 45 Zauberbrecher geladen und ein paar Monster beim Styx geschnetzelt, eins fällt schonmal auf, bei jedem von den neuen Items steht *Tag not found*. Ich gehe mal davon aus das jemand eine Deutsche übersetzung machen muss ?

Habe die MOD auch nur 15 minuten angespielt, habe aber noch keine Seele gedropt bekommen...... ( bin ja zu ein paar Bossen gerusht ) nur die neuen Tränke und die neuen Affixe, problem : Tag not found....
Wobei der violette Trank ist der gleiche wie bei Diablo 2, er regeneriert Gesundheit und Mana.

Von den Features her ist diese MOD sehr ansprechend für mich, wenn Mystical fertig ist und jemand sich um diese Tag not found sache kümmern würde, dann weis ich was ich demnächst mal zocken werde. :D

Moderator des Messerhagels
Moderator des Messerhagels
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Beitrag von FOE » 26.09.2011, 07:44


Es gibt neu ein Update "0.12" für die Mod, siehe Startbeitrag.
Servus, Erwin
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Moderator des Messerhagels
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** Update ***

Beitrag von FOE » 23.10.2011, 11:09


Es gibt neu ein Update "0.14" für die Mod, siehe Startbeitrag.
Servus, Erwin
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Moderator des Messerhagels
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*** Update ***

Beitrag von FOE » 29.10.2011, 09:40


Es gibt neu ein Update "0.15" für die Mod, siehe Startbeitrag.
Servus, Erwin
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Update des Updates ...

Beitrag von Boergie » 29.11.2011, 12:03

Moin, Moin ....

wem die Installation sämtlicher "Zwischenupdates" zu "mühselig" ist ... :wink: : Es gibt inzwischen das Update 0.151, welches ALLE vorherigen Updates mit beinhaltet !! 8) (Den Link habe ich jetzt gerade nicht zur Hand ... ABER einfach mal bei MODDB "vorbei schauen" ... :lol: )

Liebe Grüße / Wolfgang

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Moderator des Messerhagels
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Re: Update des Updates ...

Beitrag von FOE » 29.11.2011, 12:42

Boergie hat geschrieben:Es gibt inzwischen das Update 0.151, welches ALLE vorherigen Updates mit beinhaltet !! 8)
Danke für den Hinweis, ich habe mal den Startbeitrag entsprechend auf Stand gebracht.

Es gibt aber mittlerweile auch schon wieder eine Fix für die 0.151 ...
Servus, Erwin
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*** Update ***

Beitrag von FOE » 14.12.2011, 08:39


Eine neue Version "0.3" würde veröffentlicht, siehe Startbeitrag.
Servus, Erwin
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*** Update v0.4 ***

Beitrag von FOE » 02.03.2012, 10:50


Eine neue Version "0.4" würde veröffentlicht, siehe Startbeitrag.

BTW, hat sich schon wer mal diese Mod überhaupt angesehen, Erfahrungen damit gemacht?!

(Ich komm' einfach nicht dazu, da ich u.A. ja mit der D2I-Mod "ausgelastet bin ... :roll: :wink: )
Servus, Erwin
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Beitrag von Monsterschlächter » 11.03.2012, 12:55

Gibts eigentlich schon nen Fix zu den ganzen Tagnotfound Geschichten?
Ich persönlich empfinde es als rech störend, wenn ich nicht weiß was ich vorliegen habe und noch schlimmer, was es bewirkt.
Wenn ich wüßte wo diese Items gespeichert sind, würde ich ja selbst nachgucken, aber ich finde nichts dergleichen, als ob die gar nicht dabei wären...
Klick mich ->Bild

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Beitrag von KSGRM » 11.03.2012, 13:02

Man muss nur die Sprache im Hauptmenü auf Englisch einstellen, auf Deutsch gehts leider noch nicht. :wink:
Die englische Text-Datei ist glaub ich im Mod enthalten, bei mir hats zumindestens geklappt.
Anakin - 66 - Schlächter / Malve - 65 - Vorbote / Moe - 65 - Haruspex / Moemoe - 62 - Templer / Turambar - 62 - Plünderer (DestinyMod)

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Beitrag von Monsterschlächter » 11.03.2012, 13:11

Ich werde es ausprobieren, danke dir ;)

Edit:Auf Englisch geht es wirklich, ich gucke mal, ob ich die Dateien dazu finde, dann könnte man vielleicht mal eine Deutsche Version machen :D
Klick mich ->Bild

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Beitrag von Monsterschlächter » 12.03.2012, 19:09

Nebenbei, für die, dies interessiert.
Ich habe mal die ganzen Text-Dateien durchforstet und sollte alle tags vom Soulvizier-Mod haben.
Diese habe ich auch schon in die Text_DE.arc eingefügt.-> Doch dies ist noch weitgehen auf Englisch.
Vielleicht gibt es ja einen, der sowas gerne Übersetzen würde, ich selbst habe nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten gemacht, aber bisher nicht die größte Lust, als auch nicht genüg Zeit für sowas gehabt.
Falls jemand die Lust oder Zeit hat, kann dieser mich ja anschreiben und stelle dann die Daten zur Verfügung.

MfG Moschl
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Moderator des Messerhagels
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*** Update v0.7 ***

Beitrag von FOE » 23.05.2012, 07:52


Die Version "0.7" würde veröffentlicht, siehe Startbeitrag.
Servus, Erwin
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