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What this is about:

"Masteries" is a fan-made modification for the PC-game "TitanQuest". It replaces the nine masteries of the original game plus the xpack with nine new masteries.

The mod is free to download and to play of course. It was made with the dedication to "IronLore Entertainment", which we will truly miss…

Please note that using the mod is at your own risk. Although it has been tested extensively, and does not touch vital parts of the program, it might still cause some conflicts, especially when you try to use several modifications at the same time.

The mod is in English.

The nine new masteries are


  • Alchemy - the mastery for bombs and confusion
  • Archery - the mastery for bows
  • Bestiary - the mastery for pets
  • Chronosophy - the mastery for speed and slowing down
  • CloseCombat - the mastery for melee weapons
  • Construction - the mastery for objects of all kind
  • Mysticism - the mastery for damage against undead, healing and protection
  • Sorcery - the mastery for elemental damage
  • Vampirism - the mastery for bleeding, pierce and area-attacks

Main features of the mod:

  • 9 new masteries with 20 new skills each.
  • In addition to the 180 base skills come numerous pet-skills, buffs etc, making the new skills reach a total of more than 200.
  • Most skills have their own new and unique effects.
  • Every mastery and every skill has a new icon, sometimes based on existing patterns, mostly made completely new.
  • Every skill has a description that fits the stats and general theme of the skill.
  • Many skills feature a new creature or object with its own AI-controller.
  • New damage indicator-effects.
  • Over 350 adapted armor- and weapon items to fit to the new masteries and skills.
  • All artifacts adapted likewise to the new masteries and skills.
  • And more...

This all should provide a new experience while playing TitanQuest.

And perhaps as much fun as it was to create all this stuff!


To play this mod both TitanQuest and the expansion pack Immortal Throne must be installed on the pc. Apart from that no other software is needed.

The mod consists of two separate files. The main part is the mod, which must be placed as it is in the custommaps-folder of TitanQuest-Immortal Throne. Refer to the readme for further instructions. A second, much smaller package must be unzipped into the database-folder of TitanQuest. It is needed for some custom-effects to show correctly.

How to play:

Once you installed the mod and loaded a new game with it, you can create a new char and start to play the game as you would normally do as well. After the first level-up you will be requested to pick a mastery. At this point the mod truly begins, as you now may select between the nine new masteries. Apart from the new masteries and skills no changes concerning the game play has been done.

Thanks for your interest in masteries,

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