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05.07.2007 273.49 MB 10108 Mirror 1

I'm proud to announce a new modification called "Lilith, The Will Of The Demon"


This area is under the yoke of Lilith's demonic forces, who ruins all that stand in front of them, without any mercy, without any hesitation.

How has this been possible?

It was 430 years ago that Infernal Wars against The Darkness came to an end. After years and years of battles, Armies of the Great Redemption emerged victorious. Nevertheless, this was a bitter victory, flooded by blood and suffering.

Lilith, a cruel and inflexible Demon was leading the War for the Darkness. Once defeated, she was confined in the entrails of the Mountain Of Order, from where no demon can escape.

It is a Human being that commited the unforgivable. A man, Sartena-Bomi, betrayed Mankind by opening the Vault Of Eternity, in the heart of the Mountain of Order, and therefore freed Lilith.

In a short period of time, she built up a new army, stronger greater, more terrific than the one she led during the Infernal Wars.

Her abilities have never stopped growing. She can now corrupts hearts by her sole Willpower.

During the night of the third new moon, Lilith extended her will to our world, modifying natural laws. She corrupted some influential men, reducing them to fulfill her own project. Then she dispatched her Death Legions to the fortress of Pandora.

Despite the bravery of our soldiers, the fortress felt.

So here we are. Lilith is full of vengeance and destruction, her infernal march will smash its way into the rest of Jalavia and if no one stop her our world will sink in an infernal chaos.

=================General Information====================

- This mod offer a new vast and original land to explore
- Landscapes are riches and detailed for a good and harrowing atmosphere. There are multiple dungeons, caves, crypts, outsides, point of view and more
- There are new sounds for a better immersion (add dozens ambient sounds Up the sound ;-) )
- A long main quest (Part I, II & III) will send the Hero through all the Jalavia's region in a story against a great evil with many shorts and longs secondary quests. Some secondary quests will only be discover by most attentives players !
- This mod is design for New character, level One.

- A challenge is waiting Heros with hard and exciting combats during the walk until the end. Find a good equipment to face all ennemies and terrible Lilith’s army without dying (is it possible ?)
- Watch out Champions and Heros creatures in their specific environnement
- Hero have to fight well (Be careful, there are a lot of dangerous creatures) to advance in this unknown world. Each creature won’t die easily.
- Ten critical boss, more than 30 Heros, hundreds Champions, thousands monsters will face your Hero !
- Some events (quests, path…) will change between differents game !

Can you manage to push back Lilith's Invasion and restore peace ?

=================More information====================

- This mod offer more than 25 ~ 30 hours of game (One or two hours between teleport)
- More than 1350 hours of work was necessary to do it
- A recent PC is necessary to play (> 2800+ / 1Go / 256Mo video)
- 15 teleports are over this world.
- 3 important parts for the main quests
- Fourteen secondary quests are available
- Dramatic scenes
- One the best point of view of the game…

=================Known issues====================

- This mod is not actually working for IT – If you do like it I will change all things to work with.
- When Teleport window is open, the « cross » doesn’t work. Use « esc » instead. I don’t know why.
- In the « garden of Hel’Gon » some objects doesn’t work (we can pass through)
- A map in the map of « Walk to Hel’Gon » disappear when we are not on
- There are sometimes hard lags between zones for a few seconds (is it possible to go back ‘home’ and come back or after a teleport quit and load again for clearing memory)
- Some map are not visible (overlapping)


- A resolution of 1024 (and more) is recommended

- Start level :

Normal : 1

Epic : ~35

Legendary : ~50

- Multiplayer game : Yes

- Language : Text in English or French


Thank to :

- Bidonvil “artist golfer”, for sharing this project with me. His work was great and hard, without him, this mod won’t be like what it is now.
- Moukraine, for the whole translation from French into English, nice work. I thank him for the original theme of “The Chapel” too.
- Madman for his precious advices and his generosity.
- Toklidan for his very good tutorials

Thanks too to Vince, PinkFrog and all who I forget who encourage me.

I would like to thank too :

- Blizzard “The Masters” for Diablo I & 2 (Mr Blizzard will you announce Diablo 3 soon !?)
- The very good ‘Freesound Project’ and the great Audacity
- Music from Matt Uelmann, Lord of the ring and Braveheart

A special thank for Iron lord and their very good tools !

And thanks to all of you, players, heros, modder, for your incentives, patience and trying Lilith.


- Download all parts: lilith.part1.rar --> lilith.part12.rar
- Create the folder "CustomMaps" in "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest/”
- Unpack the mod inside that folder -the structure must be like this :

|-My Documents
....|-My Games
........|-Titan Quest



Geschrieben von TorBrax am 11.05.2010 um 14:55
Can someone tell me how to manipulate the Database( I get an "Error importing Database Record" with some of the records) so that it works.Great Map,btw!

Geschrieben von Sobriety am 12.03.2010 um 22:50
Coole map ich find die sehr gelungen.

Weiß jemand wie der song auf dem Friedhof heißt oder woher er stammt.Danke im Voraus

Geschrieben von Hiragana am 03.10.2008 um 14:06
the link doesn´t seem to work. Is there something special I have to pay attention to?

Geschrieben von mensch am 24.08.2008 um 19:09
könnt ihr nicht lesen ?
"...- This mod is not actually working for IT –...."
die mod FUNZT NICHT FUER IT oder ihr deppen habt ein falsches readme gepostet

Geschrieben von noobgamer am 25.02.2008 um 13:44
Kann mir das bitte mal einer übersetzen?

Geschrieben von am 12.11.2007 um 18:44
can someone say me how I make Mod like this (the portal map for examle) ?

Geschrieben von am 14.08.2007 um 16:25
how do i start it

Geschrieben von khym am 02.08.2007 um 15:34
warum kann ich das nicht auf deutsch lesen? das spiel ist doch auch auf deutsch und diese seite überwiegend auch. sehr schade! so bleib für mich leider ein rätsel was dort steht.
lg. khym

Geschrieben von FOE am 26.07.2007 um 08:11

Die Mod gibt's aktuell in der Version 0.98, die Links sind schon darunter gelistet (... play in German)!

Geschrieben von IntoGerman am 18.07.2007 um 12:46
Hi all,

A good news for those are playing Lilith. you can now play in German !!
you can download the link from :

Thank you all and have good game :-)))

Geschrieben von Johann am 16.07.2007 um 08:57
When I played that mod I had a lot of fun. Well done! The mod was modulated with love.
I am looking forward to getting act II and III as soon as possible. Great Job.

Geschrieben von Zad am 14.07.2007 um 17:46
Not yet, but my wife and i are workin' on it ;)

Geschrieben von nikolaj am 13.07.2007 um 19:28
ist nicht coolich wass nichts

Geschrieben von Mostal am 10.07.2007 um 20:54
Thank you
Did you finish the game ?

Geschrieben von Zad am 09.07.2007 um 08:47

thanks alot for this heroic adventure!