Suggestions for expanding the modding limits

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Suggestions for expanding the modding limits

Beitrag von nargil66 » 25.01.2019, 14:54

Hello everyone, and greetings from TitanquestFans forum :)
This post is directed mostly to the modders here. Few days ago I asked some of the modders in the English forum about what engine/template limitations they have encountered in their modding experience, what would they change/add if they could lift those limits. The answers were qiute a few. Here is the current list of suggestions, including my own:

1. Adding skill augment/mastery augment and item skill to the set template. Arrays, not variables. If only the skill level values and not the file path.

2. Fixing racial damage in petbonus template.

3. Adding Left Mouse Button Availability bit to all skill templates.

4. Single button auto targeting for projectile skills. Just target wherever my mouse is, no extra click required.

5. Adding "reduces resistance X" to the base offensive duration skill template for all damage types. All we have is reduce ALL resistance duration.
1. Adding option for multiple playing characters with dropdown box in character creation UI. The more slots, the better. My idea:


2. Adding more weapon animations categories. At least double count.

3. Making all UI elements moddable. Encountered problems:
- Merchant window grid cannot be expanded by record editing, despite the template option.
- Character windows cannot go in front of the lower part of the HUD.
- Parts of the compass bitmap are hardcoded and cannot be moved or deleted.

4. Adding a possibility for community localizations.

5. Including all damage types, damage modifiers and special conditions to retaliation damages: % Elemental retaliation, Fear retaliation, etc.

6. Adding projectilename variables for bow and thrown in the weaponechantmentpak template.

7. Adding % Chance of Damage Absorbtion.

8. Adding more slots for Monster Race.
1. Adding more slots for Augment Skill/Mastery.

2. Adding more special animation slots.

3. Adding more slots in LootRandomizerTable.tpl. More will allow to not not spread affix tables over mutliple files

4. Adding new slot on the players mastery trees, quest trees and potion trees

5. Adding more slots for LootTableRandomizer, LootTableMasterTable and LootTable_FixedWeight

6. Adding %Chance of Racial Damage

7. Adding % Duration Modifier for all special conditions (Trap, Fear, Freeze, Petrify...)

Maybe you've already figured out what is the point of this list, and if not, I assure you it has a good reason. If you are a modder and you can add something to it, please share your suggestion.